433 Range extender


So like some of the new countries using homey, i have quite some 433 devices
Chacon /dio blinds and plugs
Oregon temperature and rain meters

The zwave and zigbee benefit from meshing even if not always ideal
But the 433 is stuck with the tiny little inbuilt antenna.
My blinds are offline once closed… my temperature meters are mostly out or range…

So for those who fear not, there are plenty antenna mods, including for 433, not even so hard to do, but will completely cancel the warranty.

So at once i started to look at 433 repeaters
Not much to be found on the a-zon, only weird products on the chinese retailer pages

Chacon has one, which can learn a handfull signals and will repeat them

What do you think, any other idea or product i could look at?

Looks the same like klik aan klik uit aka kaku. But is not supported. Could work, worth a try

long time since your topic but i have the same problem. With a lot of 433 sensors on a far distance. I have used telldus with an extra antenna bur now i have problem with telldus talking to homey.

did you come up with any good solution?