3D home navigation & control (Unity)

Created a fully navigatable 3D model of my Home to control my devices.
This ‘3D floorplan’ runs within the browser and works on mobile devices as well.
Device states (e.g. lights) are updated real-time and can be controlled from every camera angle.

Technology :

Communication is setup via Home Assistant & MQTT Hub for now. Another route would be something like M2MQTT for Unity to communicate directly with Homey using MQTT.


What do you think?


I think it looks awesome!
Can you keep a quick overview with so much details of the room?
Definately the most beautiful dashboad I have seen!

You can also zoom in on every part of the room from the ‘overview’ (not shown in the screencast).
And probably I’ll add some icons and indicators to highlight specific device info.

Very nice home navigation! Great work. And it gives also a quick look of your very beautifull house👌

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