It would be convenient if one could have a floorplan view in the app. Here is an idea of how it could work:

You point your Homey-app to a suitable floorplan-file in PNG or PDF-format. This floorplan you are able to zoom in and out of, as well as pan around in.

Then you can drag and drop your devices onto this floorplan from the list in the Homey app, and use the dragged and dropped icons as you would in the “normal” control list.

I have tried to search for this in the appstore and here on the forum to no avail. Hopefully this would be a feature that more people would find useful.

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A Floorplan could be build based on Homey.ink.
Probably not with drag&drop but with fixed positions of your devices on a floorplan of your home.
I did create one based on HomeWizard and php/jquery. So NodeJS would surely work.
It’s just a lot of work custom styling and coding.

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Thank you for your feedback. I will look into this solution.

I Made this with HomeAssitant, it is a lot of work but works great! For now i have more buttons to Control covers and scene’s.



I agree and it would be awesome for Homey to have a floor plan oriented view option!


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I would also agree on having this instead of, or next to a dashboard.

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+1, agree!