3 fase energymonitoring (EV)

Ik wil graag de energie meten die ik in mijn EV stop. Ik heb al een krachtgroep aangelegd maar wil nu nog graag de energie meten en eventueel schakelen. Ik weet dat qubino een verkoopt maar die is niet compatibel met Homey geloof ik. Zijn er nog andere die dit aanbieden én wel werken met Homey.

Een laadpaal hoor ik jullie zeggen! Wellicht, heeft een beetje met kosten te maken.


Sorry for english but noticed that the aeotec is not 3-phase so you have to have three pieces of them or one 1-phase switch, three phase contactor and a separate energy meter for example aeotec home energy meter.

I still would highly recommend a charging station (for example go-e charger) which has Homey app for integration.

No problem, with €120 a piece this is not the way to go :wink: then it will be a charging station. The go-e charger is somehow a bit of a weird product. I’d rather go with a EO mini pro for esthetics.

There are so many charging stations, I just think that almost all of them are a bit spaceshippy

I also don’t see the benefit of an integration with Homey, can you name some examples of how to use it?

-Start charging when solar panels are raising more than xx kWh.

-Start charging at low cost electricity (for double meters)

-notify you that the charging cable wasn’t plugged and your car had less than xx amount of charge (this is More of a car api call than the charger but hey, free bonus tip)

-let you know if there are any interruptions during charging so you won’t be surprised the next morning when your car didn’t charge

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Thanks for the examples!
My house works like this:

At the end of the year I’ve consumed 5000kWh, I produced 6000kWh. The 1000kWh I got extra I get 11ct per kWh. If I just put it in the car during the year, so at night or during the day it doesn’t matter. At the bottom line I consumed or produced to much and got to pay or get paid.

So it doesn’t matter if the sun shines in my case, but I can see that’ll be conveniend for some people.

The integration woth homey is a plus but the way it operates is just not for me. I won’t take it with me so the cce plug is not usefull for me.
I can only charge at 7.4kW at home.
I drive 7000km a year so I’m not in a hurry and be charging once a week maybe.

Even though cool app and a lot of options!

This topic started in Dutch but either way I don’t mind if it 'll be an English topic