12V Garden lights


Any ideas for a good (and affordable) 12v system for garden lights, controllable and dimmable with Homey?

For now I am looking at the www.garden-lights.com lights in combination with a z-wave wall plug (Fibaro or Neo Coolcam). Those are a lot cheaper than for example Hue or https://in-lite.nl.

But with the wall plug I can only control on/off state and can’t dim the lights.

Maybe this system works for you.
I’m using them and they work like a charm!

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I use Garden Lights in combination with a Fibaro FGS-223. The transformer is positioned between the Fibaro and the lights to go from 230v to 12v. I also have a 12v ropelight outdoor that I have connected (DIY mod) to a garden lights cord. It has the same effect as the LED strip from In-Lite, but then a lot cheaper.

The lights aren’t too bright, so I personally don’t miss the option for dimming.

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Why 12v and not something that’s ip65? Here were I live in Norway we have a lot of snow and rain, but 230v ip65 isn’t normally a problem…

The 230v cable is very thick and have to be placed 60cm’s deep in the ground.

Check: https://in-lite.com/en/installation-tips for examples around 12v. Cables can even be on top of the ground, adding lights is very simple, you can split the cables etc.

I see… If I were you, I would find some 12v ip65 lights that’s dimmable. Then find a dimmable driver and mount this inside in a dry place together with a fibaro/aeotec dimmer… I still recommend digging the cable down or put it inside a plastic pipe in the ground to protect it from water and frost.

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I am using the inlight system with a fibaro wall plug. I bought it 20 years ago and the cables are also for 20 years in the ground. Still works without any problems.

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I’ve bought lights from http://www.garden-lights.com. Just plugged in a wall plug, and that works good for now. Only on/off controll ofcourse, but that’s ok.

Let’s see how this system holds it in the future.