1-wire gateway to Homey alternatives


I already have a few Fibaro Smart Implant to which I connect a pile of DS1820 1-wire temperature sensors.

However the Smart Implant in Homey can only connect 6 sensors, and I cannot rename the sensors, - however the most annoying (for me) is the max cable length restriction of 3 meters.

Anyone here who uses og know about a more ‘general’ 1-wire bus to z-wave gateway so I can connect ‘conventional’ 1-wire bus lengths and any number of 1-wire devices?

Thanks for comments on this…

best regards Tor

It is not a limitation of Homey. And not even of Smart Implant. 3 m will be the limitation when jou connect the sensors in a star. When you really make a bus, it can be more. See for example picprojects.net | DS1820 1-Wire Temperature Sensor or even better Guidelines for Reliable Long Line 1-Wire Networks | Analog Devices