Zwave DIN module


All my garden power plugs are piloted with a RF emitter for which the reciever is on my main electrical board, DIN format, in the cellar

to integrate imy garden plugs into my homey (and make scenes based on movement), i had the idea to replace my DIN RF reciever with a Zwave (or zigbee) DIN reciever

Now a few community and google search didnt bring me much:
I only found the Qubino ZMNHSD1 “DIN Dimmer” which with 200W max power would be too weak
I could not find any other DIN reciever which would fit both Homey and a consequent consumption

would you know any DIN for zwave or zigbe??

There are DIN adapter for Fibaro Devices:

Or maybe you can use the HeatIt Z-DIN 616:
It is supported by the Homey HeatIt App.

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Thanks, didnt realize the Fibaro had such a big capactity!
I’m calling the store tomorrow, to be sure which one to buy, as its power line switch only, i think its the FGS-213 but not sure