Zone activity & contact sensor

I use the zone became active/inactive card for turning my lights on and off.
To detect zone activity I use the Aqara motion sensors.

To prevent the lights from going on when I am sleeping or going off when I am quietly working I have installed door sensors.

In my office the lights should not automatically switch off after I have closed the door.
In my bedroom the lights should not automatically switch on after I have closed the door.

However Homey puts a room to active when the door is open and the contact alarm is on.
This makes sense for the front and backdoor of my house but in my office I usually leave the door open. This prevents zone changes because the zone is always seen as active.

Can I change this behavior somewhere? Or is the only option to move the sensor to a different zone?

In short…no. It work like it designd to do.

A zone becomes active, by a door sensor or a motion sensor.

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You can place the specific you do not want in a zone in a different zone. For instance make a zone called Livingroom Group, and a second zone called Livingroom. This second zone must be placed underneath the Livingroom group. The devicec that must react on the zone must be placed in the Livingroom zone and the device you do not want in that Zone must be placed in Livingroom Group. For the Livingroom Zone you make your flows with WHEN Zone becomes…For the devices in the Livingroom Group you make the flows the way you want it to react

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That’s what I’m using as a work around. thanks

i stumbled upon this too, i made a new group called “magnetsensors” and move them all there.