Zon activity time


I have made a flow that will save my garden from roe deers!

I’m using zon activity, a hue motion sensor, to trigger my sprinklers to scare them away.

Since I don’t want birds to trigger the flow I’w set the trigger to be “zone activ for…”

My problem is that the shortest activity time I can set i one minute and by then my tulips are gone…

So, is there a way to do this with a shorter activity time?

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Not with “Zone active for…”, 1 Minute is the shortest time.
Btw, in my opinion Zone Activation makes only sense, if you have a zone with multiple sensors (e.g. motion sensors, door/window sensors).
But of course, Zone Activation can also be used with only one sensor.

This is a really simple flow:

– The motion alarm was triggered
– whatever (time, presence, etc.)
– Turn sprinkler on
– Turn sprinkler off with delay of 5 s

But of course, there are several possible solutions.

What I don’t understand!?

What is the relationship between Zone Activation and birds? If a zone or a sensor is triggered has something todo with the sensitivity, orientation and the type of a sensor.
Do I understand this wrong?

Thanx for your anser!

The thing is that I dont want some thing fast, as a bird flying by, to trigger The sprinkler.

Just some thing that stays in The zone for 20sec. for instance some one eating my tulips!

As I understand it I can’t get a “PRESENCE FOR…”
comand, just a delay then another check if there is some thing present.
Or am I wrong?

Best regards

Almost all PIR’s have a 1 min. alarm state (mostly to save battery life)
The Aqara PIR can be modified, so the minimum alarm state can be brought back to minimal 5secs.

Then you could create a flow using timers and delays

The card in the If… section is in any case only a momentary trigger. So it’s not possible to set a time range or something similar.
For the Birds you have to change the flow, you have to use a timer, and you have to change the standard settings of the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor.

Flow 1
– The motion alarm was triggered
– Timer “Birds” is not running
– Start Timer “Birds” with 20 s

Flow 2
– Timer “Bird” has expired
– The motion alarm is on
– Turn sprinkler on

Important: You have to change the parameter “Time until motion alarm is reset (s)” of the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor into less than 20 s.

If the Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor is paired directly to Homey, you can change the alarm reset time between 1 - 86400 s. I don’t know if it is also possible when the OMS is paired with the Hue bridge.

Can u name some (as u seem to know for sure) of those PIR’s ?

@Rocodamelshekima only:
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I’m just trying to help people here.
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Not scanning ur errors. Just curious what PIR’s there is besides the Aqara that have that limit. And if u do a lot of replies to help, u also get some questions. It was just a question to somebody who seems to know for sure there is lots of them. Just wondering.
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