Zipato pir sensor and zipato multisensor does not pair good with homey


I am using zipato app for Homey and trying to pair zipato pir sensors.

I have 2 tyoes of sensor, one is zipato pir with luminance, the other is called multisensor and has temperature sensor as well.

zipato pir sensor pairs with Homey but the luminance sensor does not work.

zipato multisensor does not pair properly, it pairs as a generic z-wave on/off device.

Does anybody have experience with pairing zipato motion sensors (I think these are rebranded NEO Coolcam devices)? Trying NEO Coolcam app does not help either.

Thanks in advance

Did you looked at the needed app that they support them?

Hi Roy,

The stable zipato app version shows pir motion sensor as a supported device. It does not mention any pir versions. It seems it partly supports the version with motion en luminance sensors. But the luminance sensor does not report anything.

On the app for Neo coolcam I see two versions of this sensor, they are called v1 and v2.

Beta zipato app voor Homey does not mention any version difference for zipato pir motion sensors as well.

Could be that your device haa another device id then the app, so best to contacd the devolper of the app

If I include Zipato PIR sensor it will be included as indoor siren (test)
everytime I try it. Does someone knows why? And how can I fix it?