I am no programmer at all but would it be possible to make an app for a zigbee2mqtt?
Nice way to bypass the zigbee from the Homey.
I know most do not like that but i would make life a bit easier

If you are looking for someone to create a new app, there is a Homey Community App Requests topicwhere you can make your request.

Why would you want a dedicated app?
zigbee2mqtt is all about mqtt e.g. use the mqtt client (and optionally server)

I know but if you have a lot of devices and need to make a flow for every device on a mobile phone it takes for ever.
And with a good app you would be able to snif the connected devices and have them added to homey automatic

I agree, the idea of being able to add a zigbee2mqtt device as Homey device would work much easier then creating a list of flows using the MQTT client. For instance, if you have a flow that turns off all lights, it will automatically work if you can add a zigbee2mqtt device as a regular light device.

Zigbee2mqtt is still on my TODO list of “things to check out”. I have a CC2531 dongle, but no programmer (perhaps @TedTolboom has one?).

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No, I don’t have a programmer. :frowning_face:

I have a stick already and another one on its way including a programmer.
I have it running now with Domoticz and HA and works great.

If you don’t want to buy a programmer you can buy a cc2531 flashed with the right firmware from flashedfirmware.com. I bought one flashed as concentrator and one as router and I am pretty happy :slight_smile:

I’ve been using zigbee2mqtt with Node RED to complement Homey. This works but isn’t ideal.

Now with MQTT Hub version 2.2.0 you could map directly to Homey using the MQTT Device.

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