Zigbee and maximum devices

After spending time reading all comments around Zigbee device limitations, I now strongly believe that the best workaround for handling large number of Zigbee devices in Homey goes through external Zigbee hubs like IKEA Trådfri. To me the main problem why we continue discussing this topic is that we don’t have an updated list of hubs supported by Homey. If this assumption is correct, can enyone please help in making such a list?

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I think the main problem is that people aren’t aware of the Zigbee limitations of Homey.

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Ok, thanks for your comment. I think I understand your view, and must agree that understanding Homey is very important. On the other hand I hope you agree with me that workarounds for the Zigbee limitation could be to use apps supporting other vendor’s hubs and by this being able to handle larger numbers of Zigbee devices than Homey alone can do? Knowing about limitations doesn’t help anyone that has a need for more devices, at least I need a workaround. A way to solve this limitation. Hope we can find a way to produce a list of supported hub’s. Hubs we can integrate into Homey and achieve indirect management of larger numbers of devices.

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Philips Hue, IKEA Tradfri (with limitations), deCONZ. I think that’s about it.

Hi again,
Thank you for your fast answer on a Sunday afternoon. Had hoped the list to be a little longer, but this could be a start for me at least.

wow, I must admid i’m shocked :scream: here. So in a weird case that all devices are close to Homey, you can only connect 20 devices. That certainly was not in the brochure :thinking:.

I have regular issues with my Ikea thingymabob (more on that in the IKEA thread but this is almost as you just cant automate a house with just a homey pro. you need external hubs to have it work decently. :unamused:

Hi Jan and others, I faced some issues with sensors not responding. I always had several Zitbee networks in my setup. My setup contains 120 Zigbee devices.

Recently my homey zigbee network (containing some Tradfri devices and many xiaomi sensors amongst others) began hampering. Reached out to Homey and they told me that I exceeded the magic 50 zigbee devices connected to my homey.

Therefore I had to further split my Zigbee network. I shifted 9 Tradfri lamps from Homey to a 2nd Philips Hue Network.

This is how it looks now:

Protocol Type Count
Homey Zigbee Router 13
Homey Zigbee End device 34
Hue Zigbee 1 Router 38
Hue Zigbee 1 End device 4
Hue Zigbee 2 Router 9
Xiaomi Zigbee End device 22

You cannot change the Homey Zigbee channel, this is on channel 11 and I put the Hue channel manual on 20. So far no interference with my Wifi network (32 devices) and zWave network (19 devices).

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You can (on this page):

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Nice, didn’t know that, circumvented this by changing all the other channels :slight_smile:

I agree. I know the limitation (and have other issues with Zigbee on Homey in that it is under the limitation yet will not add new devices with support unable to solve), so having a supported list of hubs that I can integrate would be so helpful.
Every time i ask I either get told to look elsewhere, that i’m in the wrong thread, or that nothing is supported… so I’ve given up… I have a pile of zigbee devices that I can’t use (many of which worked before but I removed to get below the limit but now can’t add!)

It’s right here in this topic

But this isn’t complete - at least one Aqara hub at least used to work as I remember reading threads about it, but it’s seemingly vanished or not officially supported any more

Guess that was a piece of string solution or what we call in dutch: “houtje touwtje oplossing”

But hey, it is a community forum. If you think you would help other with that info create a topic, give itba useful title and collect all information you know about all kinds of bridges possible to connected and their characteristics and limitations. Invite others to complete and correct the info.

Guess it could be usefull for more community members.

Indeed not complete if Aqara hub is missing :slight_smile: see my post above how I manage >150 zigbee devices

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Can you advise which Xiaomi hub (and which Xiaomi app :rofl:) you have used to do this?! I keep coming across different views of which work!

This app and in the opening post you see which devices are supported and which Hub (V2)

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Thanks, but I don’t see it mention the hub on the app page (tho now to mention V2 it rings bells, I think that’s where I remember it from!)
Am I being blind?

Edit, and when you say V2 do you mean M2? Or which model? O don’t seem to see a V2 hub… Aqara Zigbee Hubs and Their Differences (updated 11/08/21) – Homekit News and Reviews

Aqara M1 Hub; niet de M2

Blockquote No, the EU version cannot be used. The V3 cannot be used.
Check the firmware version. They can only be used up to a certain software version.
Best buy a second hand, older version.
Check the MAC:
"If your gateway’s MAC address starts with 04:CF:8C or 7C:49:EB , there is a good chance that the required port 9898 is closed on your gateway (you can check it with the Nmap utility, using the command sudo nmap -sU {gateway_ip} -p 9898 ).

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Thanks - looks a little specific sadly as I don’t seem to be able to find one :frowning:

Additional, if your 2.4 GHz wifi channel is fixed, and you perform a zigbee reset, it selects a (more) quiet zigbee channel.
Note: all (to Homey) connected zigbee devices have to be paired again, and all related flows have to be repaired by replacing the ‘old’ with the ‘new’ devices.