Zen04 Smart Plug not found in Zooz Devices List

Hi All,
Thanks in advance. I’m trying to add a Zooz Zen04 Smart Plug into my Homey Pro. THe Zen04 is not in the current list of choices to add under WALL PLUG. Is there another way to add this device to my Homey Pro without it being a selectable item? Do I have to write a script? Is there a generic “Add Unknown Device” feature? I’m in the US if that matters.

Thanks, Paul

I’ll answer my own question. The Zooz Zen04 Smart plug is not included on the set of includeable devices on the Zooz devices list.

I ended up adding it as a homey device, and homey recognized it as a zwave device and allowed me to complete the installation as usual by adding the first 5 digits of the device nuumber. Apparently homey recognized it as a zwave receptacle.

I programmed the receptacle to come one before sunset and off before sunrise, so now the transformer that runs some of my outside lighting is automated.


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Hi Paul and welcome!

Indeed, this works with a Z-Wave Smart Plug or Socket outlet, but not with other Z-Wave devices. Maybe also with a simple door/window sensor without additional special functions, but I guess that’s it.

If you have other devices that are not currently supported, you can request them by contacting the app developer. Contact details can be found in the App Store.

Thanks DIrk. One follow up question. When you suggest contacting the developer for inclusion into Homey are you suggesting I contact the Homey ap developer or are you suggesting I contact the maker of the device for inclusion into Homey? Further you suggested “contact details can be found in the App Store”. Is there a Homey App Store? I’m new to the home automation arena, so I apprciate whatever useful information you can supply. Thanks, Paul

If you want to use devices with Homey Bridge / Homey Pro, a Homey app (not Homey smartphone app!) that supports this device is required. This app provides a device driver so that Homey Bridge / Homey Pro is able to communicate with this device.
These apps are developed by Athom (the company behind Homey), by the maker of the devices or by user.
These apps can be installed directly via the Homey smartphone app by choosing a device, or from the App Store. In the App Store, further information are available that are not visible in the Homey smartphone app, also information on how to contact the app developer:

Also an important information in the App Store is, if there is a topic about the App in the Homey Community Forum. But this is not the case for all apps, e.g. for the Zooz app is no topic available.
This is an example from another app:

If there is not yet an app for a specific device maker, you can submit a request on the page Request A Brand to Athom or post a request in the topic [Requests] Homey Pro Community App Requests to see if a user is willing to develop an app.

I hope I was able to answer your questions.

very helpful. Thank you.