Zaptec app for Homey?

When can we hope for a Zaptec charger app for Homey? Anyone else waiting?


I’m also hoping for that!
The API is public and available - we just need a developer with interest and time…
(Zaptec API)

There is a place in this forum for requesting an app though; I guess you should post there

Also waiting…


Hey everyone. I placed a Zaptec App request (see link below). I have committed support and 200 euros to the project. If you would support the project as well, the chances of implementation will surely increase significantly.

Ich habe einen App request eröffnet. Falls sich weitere Leute für eine Zaptec Integration interessieren und bereit sind etwas dafür zu investieren. Hier geht es zum Request:

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Super duper :raised_hands:

I will also commit to support with euros to this project

Great! I added you to the donor list. Hope that’s ok.

I could be interested in building this one. For context, I do typescript professionally and have for several years. I’m also an EV owner. Currently have the Easee box, but I’m moving to a new house in ~2 weeks and will soon have to install a new box, where I’m considering the Zaptec.

My main concern is time, which I have significantly little off. Would people in this thread consider adding some effort into non-coding activities such as getting the right images, descriptions, translations etc?

As I don’t have any Zaptec box, I’m not able to get any real resonses from the API’s. Would it be possible for any of you to record some real responses from the API? It should be sufficient to just execute stuff via the Swagger linked above.

I actually gone for a light start already. Source code here. However, I’m guessing a whole lot on the responses of the API. It’s fairly well documented, but it doesn’t filter what values are actually available for each kind of installation etc. It would be neat if someone with an actual box could lend me their credentials for a short while, or alternatively just run the API’s and dump the responses.

I am also interested in an Zaptec app.

I could lend you my credentials (as long as you don’t start/stop charging without letting me know…:wink: )

I have a fairly complex setup with 3 separate Zaptec wallboxes, so I guess it should cover most scenarios. (I’m also a professional programmer myself, but I have no experience with Homey apps)

That sounds like a great start. You could also just run the APIs and give me a dump of the results initially. My aim was to get an MVP through the review process and offload the testing on the brave people of this thread :slight_smile:

If you decide to share your credentials, I’ll avoid doing any manipulations. I could do some light investigations an evening if you just want to share it temporarily. Let me know what you feel is an acceptable risk for you.

Are there any specific parts you want me to test first?

The /api/chargers/{id}/state is especially interesting along with /api/installation/{id} since the responses of those are pretty limited in their documentation.

In the meantime, perhaps we could get a conversation started around which flow-cards you would like to have available? and perhaps in which order of priority?

I’m guessing

  • start/stop charging triggers
  • car connected trigger
  • start/stop charging actions
  • set charging current action

as the main priority?

Got the basics running with the account rh_rh kindly lent me!

Edit: App now available for testing!

Please do test it! Any feedback is good. If you’re missing flow cards, let me know!


That looks brilliant! (even without my help… ;))
I’ll test as soon as I can!

Wow excellent! I’ve installed the app right now. Login procedere and Device add worked successful. I have to run a few tests tonight. Do you want the findings in a specific structure or just free text here in this topic?

The only important thing is that I get feedback. So just mash it out here! I’m especially interested in which flow cards you’re missing.

As requested, I provide first feedbacks to the beta app. Not my final review, but good to start i guess. It was hard to describe. If you want to have a chat or a call, let me know by a private message.


If Cards:

  • Fine for me. Perhaps later these can be reduced to the essentials.

And Cards:

  • is charging

  • charging is finished

  • car is connected

  • car is disconnected

Then Cards:

  • Start Charging

  • Stop Charging

  • Set phase power to…

-Prioritize charger can be delete in my opinion. This is t feature only offered for Zaptec pro Installations, not for “go” chargers.

General remarks

I highly recommend to change the app tile to a non on/off tile. Please use instead buttons to start/stop the charging progress in the settings of the device. I started and stopped today by accident a couple of time the charging procedure.

Something like this.

Displayed Values:

I recommend to reduce the values a bit. In my opinion, Voltage per phase can be hidden and probably current ampere per phase as well.

There is a value “Energie” that shows a total of kWh. What time Range is displayed? It currently show 2893 kWh wich is definitely not only the amount of the last charging progress. I recommend to display the number of kWh of the last charging. A nice extra would be to have a summary per year?


Load balancing:

As far as i know, for “go” chargers you have to set Ampere to all 3 phases to the same level at the same time. I recommend to offer 1 card that changes all 3 phases at the same time to a specific level instead of 3 separate cards. The Value range can be limited from 0 A to 32 A. A value lower than 5A end with the result, that the wallbox wan’t allow to start the charging procedure, which is a nice feature to avoid loading, during high price tariffs or low PV production time. Another factor is, that the electrician sets a max A level to every installation. My installation for ex. is limited to 16A, this results in 11kw loading speed max. Is this max level available in the API? If yes: It would be a nice extra, if you only offer the max Ampere level that is available for your installation.


It would be great to have the following variables available:

  • Car connected: yes/no
  • Charging yes/no
  • Current Ampere Available: number

Testing findings:

Finding 1 (solved): There is an error message, when i use the card “Adjust available current to”
Edit: This error occures, if you have an active power schedule active on Zaptec Web GUI. It worked after i turned this of in the Web GUI

Finding 2:
The app is not refreshing its value sometimes. I have to test this further.

I’ve pushed v1.1.0 to testing (awaiting Athom approval). It should address most of your feedback! I’m curious if the charging finished state is actually correct and how it’s perceived from the charger. Does it reset when you pull out the cable?