Z-Wave to Systemair HVAC Adapter

Is there a way that i can connect this to Homey?
Or do i have to request for making an app?


Best regards
Jan erik

I guess its not supported, so make your own app (ofcourse you need the skils) or indeed make a communty request

Thanks. Thats not a part of my skill set, so i will make a request,in hope for someone up for the challenge.


I guess I could try to help with this. I don’t have such a device myself, so someone has to do the testing. :slight_smile:

That would be great.
If i get some guidelines, i guess i would be able to test it.
On the other hand. Would it help if i lent you mine, or donated one to you?


Sent you a PM. Did you get it ?

Yes thank you. I responded in pm.