Z-Wave S2 authentication / High network load

I was an installation last Friday, we deployed among others seven Flush Thermostat 2, but only these were added by S2 Authentication.

Since then there are huge delays in Z-Wave network. User opens venetian blinds, and module opens the venetian blind 30 minutes later.

We use a second generation Homey there, but not Pro, nor Bridge version. Is it possible that S2 causes this huge delays in the Z-wave network?

Is it possible to add Qubino Thermostat 2 modules without S2?

You can see that S2 devices communicates a lot compared to uncecured ones, and Tx error is quite hight at some.

I also have some devices with S2 Authenticated included, but can’t notice any delays.
Nevertheless, devices included with S2 Authenticated cause higher traffic.

Yes, please have a look at this thread:

I have 5 MCO Home MH7-WH included unsecure. Compared to other devices included unsecure, the Rx value is disproportionately high, e.g. 500 to 75,000. However, I have no Tx error.


Thanks! I’m gonna check that article.