You have no homey

Hi When I want to connect google home with homey I get the message “you have no homey”.
Homey is active and working, I am connected to the cloud.
Any advice or solutions?

And would be helpfull, if you told us what you already did to get it working, or you want us to start gambling.

You did enabled GH in de Homey app? More —> Settings—> Google assitant

And you did ask GH “Ok Google, let me talk to Homey”

Or read here

@jaapg17 are you logging in with the same account (athom account) when you want to activate the GH to connect to homey?

Txs for your reply. I use the same account info to logon

first time I use this forum.
from the Google Home app, I followed the instructions given for the connection with Homey.
I select the Homey service, I see my account and select this and than the message “You have no Homeys”.
I rebooted the Google Home and the Homey, did reset of my entire network.
Boot Google Home and Homey are connected to my network en Homey to the cloud as well.
Hope this is what you require.