Xiaomi wireless zigbee switch combined with momentary switch

Very nice!
Could you show us some flows?
Which triggers can be used by this switch?

@Kevin_Vijver Very interested in the answer on the question @Robin_van_Kekem asked.

Does somebody know if this modification is only possible with this Xiaomi switch or is it also possible with the other Xiaomi switches?

@Tom_Starren @Robin_van_Kekem

With the other square Xiaomi switch it is also possible to do this modification with.
The reason I chose this round switch is that is has the “long push” scene trigger that the square one doesn’t have.

These are the scene triggers that can be used with the round Xiaomi switch:

These are the scene triggers that can be used with the square Xiaomi switch

Offcourse, here are some of my current flows:


The “Schakelaar slaapkamer licht - aan/uit” flow is for a square Xiaomi switch button that’s on my night stand to turn on/off the light when I’m in bed.

The others are for activating scene’s and behaviour.

Wandschakeling Licht - Dimmer/Feller:

Wandschakeling Licht - Aan/Uit

Wandschakeling - Alles uit

Yesterday I received another order, I also found a double momentary switch, so we’re now going to hookup 2 modified Xiaomi switches to 1 CR2025 battery holder to make sure 2 switches will fit inside the wall behind the momentary switch.

More to follow!

Cool, I sent you a PM and I will follow this topic.

You could also use the
Double (2018) (WXKG02LM, productID remote.b286acn01 ) (1x, 2x click, long press for each button and combined) and connect it to the double momentary switch.

It has a flat PCB, see below screenshot:

It will be a bit tricky to find this version (with these capabilities); because Aqara sells them based on the same product number.

@TedTolboom Ah, I didn’t know they also had a double version, thank you! Will see if I can find one of those to modify.

@TedTolboom Do you know if this one fits in a wall socket when custimized??

The double unit is done,

Works superb! We hooked up 2 switches to one standard battery in a separate battery holder, the battery should be sufficient for months of function as a normal switch setup lasts years.

So now I can turn on/off, dimm/brighten, activate scenes for all the lights in my living room with just this one wall unit.

Nice work…
now someone that designs the 3D printed case to fit all three of them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thinking out loud here: it should be possible to combine one of these with a regular (230V) switch, provided that:

  • the switch is of the double-pole (“tweepolig”) variety
  • the switch doesn’t have to be connected to Neutral (so it only switches Live: brown wire in, black wire out)

One of the poles would switch the Zigbee device, the other pole would switch the 230V. Because in a double-pole switch both poles are separated, there’s not risk of putting 230V on the Zigbee part.

Problem is, that it’s a momentary switch (puls drukker) so there is only a connection on the black switch cable during the push.

In the next picture there’s the schematics of the momentary switch itself.

Yeah, momentary switches wouldn’t work. If you’d use a double-pole switch, the Zigbee switch would be activated the entire time the switch is on, not sure how/if that would work either.

Like I said, thinking out loud :wink:

Please do think out loud, I’m always looking for a better solution that’s cheap and works properly!

Problem with regular switches keeps being that if you turn off the power, it’s off.

True, the double-pole switch setup wouldn’t be a replacement for your setup, but another possibility to use the Zigbee devices for (basically to register is a particular hardwired switch is on/off, although it would depend on how the Zigbee devices work with their button being activated all the time).

Also thinking out loud…
At home I have Busch Jaeger switches; among others Future Linear.

Wondering if I could make / 3D print a housing or adapter piece to hold the Aqara remote double switch as an extention, while re-using the normal flippers

I think that would mean putting 230V across the Aqara contacts.

No, I have 2 sockets in a 2 frame.
Idea is to install a 3 frame, with the Aqara double remote behind the Future Linear flippers, next to the 2 sockets

I think that would work!

Isn’t that basically the same as what Kevin is doing here? Install a regular double momentary switch and have it switch the Aqara contacts (of the double remote in your case) instead of 230V.