WiFi Socket for 230V (Norway) in Ubiquiti-Mesh?

I’ve had Homey for not more than a couple weeks. I bought Mill Wi-Fi socket, but I have a mesh network with UniFi AC-Pro devices, and apparently there are alot of issues with these sockets not being compatible with UniFi. I gave up and returned them.

Anyways I’m looking for which WiFi-Sockets you guys would suggest that works 100% with Homey in a 2,4Ghz/5Ghz mesh network. Reason I’m looking for this - is I have a barn in a bit of a distance from my house, and I want to be able to control some ovens on and off with my homey. (it’s too far for Z-wave of Zigbee sadly). If you also know of any temperature sensors that works with WiFi it would be great :slight_smile:
Martin Bergholtz

I would suggest creating a separate 2.4ghz only ssid, specially for these devices. Most plugs don’t support 5ghz anyway and this makes sure if they support they don’t start to flip between the bands.

I’m using cheap coolcam wifi from AliExpress and another one from a local discount store. All through tuya cloud. Connected to unifi as well.

Work flawlessly.

Are you specific looking for sockets or could a build in product like a Shelly help you? I have multiple of these devices running on a Ubiquiti network , 100% working with no issues.

Hi, I looked at AliExpress for CoolCam Wifi, but there are loads of them :sweat_smile: Could you point me in direction of which of them is best suited for this? Are there any of those products (for wi-fi) who also has temperature and motion sensor too, so I can get these items to work with my Homey in my main haouse (seeing these are being installed in my barn where I got my wi-fi extended).


Do Shelly products connect inside the wall sockets so I do not need an external socket like the CoolCam (or Mill for that matter) ? How about temperature sensors ?

Yes: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/32966183521.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.3a8ec414WVD9YN&algo_pvid=27ad69d5-49b7-408c-9416-a8578970f3e5&algo_expid=27ad69d5-49b7-408c-9416-a8578970f3e5-0&btsid=0b0a0ae216057313622136228e34f7&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_

No temp / motion, just power and consumption monitoring.

As goes for Shelly, these indeed go behind the socket and can be extended with temp monitoring. Dimmer2 for diming, Shelly 1PM (almost the 1L) for on/off

Oh nice - thanks :slight_smile: I guess Shelly with Power and consumption monitoring for built in would be too much to ask :grin: ?

Trying to find the right product for these functions as small as possible and for built in is a plus (I guess Zwave is the prefered when possible ?):

  • [on/off power measure] - wifi and Zwave

  • [dimmer] (dunno if power measure is possible?) Wifi and Zwave

(either of the below combined or stand alone

  • [Temperature sensor] Wifi and Zwave

  • [Motion sensor] Wifi and Zwave

  • [Window/door open/close sensor] Wifi and Zwave

There is a jungle out there and I’m getting confused with all these various products, what to choose, whic is best for getting the best outta Homey etc :thinking:

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Just check shelly.cloud. You should be surprises :wink:

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Fully agree with @harmenkuijer, Shelly has it all and all wifi. If you ask me, they are much better in regards to trustability… Just feels like it… Coolcam connect to the Tuya cloud which is China. Don’t know if they sell the data, nor do I know what shelly does with it. But for some reason I trust Shelly a bit more than Tuya.