Which Devices Work With Bridge

Just wanted a place to share which devices I have working on the Bridge without an App so all can use if they have them. Please contribute to the list. Listed have full control unless stated.

  1. Philips Hue White Ambiance Bulb
  2. LIFX Mini Color Bulb
  3. Yeelight White and Color Bulbs (YLDP05YL, YLDP06YL)
  4. NEO Power Plug (On/Off Only, no W or A) (No Model # on device)

Curious how you added the yeelight, as those are WiFi devices and there indeed is no app for it making it kinda difficult to use. (Webhooks is the only way I can think of)

But this list can be added on with just 3 lines to cover 95% of all devices (thought this would cover 99% but apparently you were able to add a WiFi device):

  • Infrared devices that are in the database.
  • Z-Wave devices that can be turned on and off (lights, sockets, etc) but only on and off, no extra functionality.
  • ZigBee devices that can be turned on and off (sockets) and dim (lights/dimmers) but only on and off and/or set a dim level, no extra functionality.
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Same here, @LCab2022

There is a Yeelight App in the list of apps for the bridge. I went to the Homey UI on the computer and selected add device and then typed in Yeelight and the app pops up. See pic.


All of the bulbs have full functionality. I can control On/Off, Brightness and CT on the White only bulbs.
On the color bulbs I can control On/Off, Brightness and Colors.

Now you cheat. You stated your devices mentioned work without an app…?

The Yeelight app you installed is the Cloud version, so yes, that works.
(The LAN version can’t work on the bridge)

My bad. I forgot I had the Yeelight app connected on my phone. Glad you caught this so I could log out of all of them. So I thought I had something there, par for the course for a new person.

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