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When will my homey actually turn up?

Anyone any information about delivery dates on the honey? I ordered one in early December and not heard anything? I paid via PayPal so luckily I can open a case and start to retrieve my money! It’s shocking service! No email updates on stock or confirmation?? Makes me think if this is a man in a garage company??

Should be on your way now. Homey stopped shipping for a month or so whilst they got the new firmware ready to ship. People are now again receiving their (2019) homeys. In any case you won’t receive an official answer here so I would suggest you contact homey directly for an exact answer on your order.

Athom does not read along the community forums, you should definitely make contact with support@athom.com

@Garry_Chadwick you can check your order status on: https://www.athom.com/en/my-account/
They should be delivering you the new 2019 version of the Homey.

Indeed, drop a message at the Athom support email to resolve your issues.