When powerconsumption -eq 1234W then wait - recheck - and perform an action


I have connected a Tibber power meter which monitors the total power consumption in my power meter, which goes into the fuse box.

I want to set up a flow that performs the following:

Step 1) If power consumption reaches 7100W
Step 2) Wait for 5 minutes
Step 2) If the power consumption is still above 7100W then perform nessecary actions(disable heating cables etc.)
Step 3) Wait for 5 minutes
Step 4) If the power consumption is below 7100W
Step5) Wait for 5 minutes
Step6) Power on floor heating cables etc.

How man flows do I need to create to perform this action?

Is there a way to store the output from the Tibber device to a variable so that I can use it throughout the rest of the flow? I`ve seen some examples where a Yes/No confirmation can be sent to a user to perform the rest of the flow, but I want it to run a bit more automatic.


Standard Flow or Advanced Flow?

Hi Adrian,

I have the ability to use advanced flow.

So you could use the delay card between the trigger and the condition. The condition could look at the power tag for the device so no need to store the value in a variable.

The alternative is to use one of the timer apps for the delay.

Yes, that would be the solution if I could reuse the Tibber application in And or in the Then setting.
I can only use it in When

As you can see from the picture I cannot connect the line to the left side of the action of it - only to the right side.

You should be able to use it in the And with a Logic card and a tag:


When you click on the Value parameter you can find the Power tag for the Tibber device.

But the more I look at it (I’m playing with setting up the flow), it would be better to use a timer app such as CountDown (there are others but that is the one I’m familiar with).

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