What's plugged in? Types

Im trying to organize what I have connected so I can controll more devices at the same time.

Can I add to the list of type I can say that are plugged into my smart plugs?

Have a look at: Homey Developer Tools
there you can find: Class socket (Virtual: coffeemachine)

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Thanks for the replay.

I can see what you are referring to, but it isn’t that overview I’m after.
What I’m looking for is a way to add to the types of virtual types I can chose from.
I have severeal Sonos Speekers, where I have added a plug infront to reduce power usages so I would like to be able to assign those plugs the virtual type, sonosSpeeker, so I with one card can turn them all on/off.

I have looked a bit around and it looks like I can use the app < group > to do what I’m after, but the other way would just be smoother in my mind