What's on TV / TV content

Hi guys!
I would really like to see an app that checks what’s on TV tonight. The background is that there are so many channels these days, and for you that want to follow your favorite soccer team, it might be hard to know which channel that shows the match. Or reminds you when your favorite show starts, and let your logitech Harmony change the channel when it starts.

The idea is to either utilize a EPG (xml file) containing the name of the show/program but also the content of it. There are numerous services that prvides this for the entire world, or if the user can provide this manually by uploading such file.
Another way is to use the big sites for TV content, but I guess this will take more time to implement as their often are country specific?!

Well, I am not sure how to interpret the lack of response, maybe there is no use case here for most people?! :slight_smile:

You can start here: https://apps.developer.athom.com/ :grinning:

Thanks for the tip @JPe4619!
Unfortunately, I do not own an ounce of programming skills. This was just a suggestion, and to see if there were more people that could find use for this.

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