What to fill in to connect to myenergi app

Hi. I can not get the myenergi app to work. I have a zappi+harvi

What do i need to fill in. As. Name:Serial nummer/password? Tried everything…

Thx in advance

Same issue, hub serial number correct, Pwd copy/pasted from password manager

I was told by my Zappi Installer today that no password is created or used in the MyEnergi Hub, given the developer has not visited for 6 months the MyEnergi App maybe abandonware :frowning:

Hi Busta and Jacob.

André is stil around just on vaication atm.

But i think i can help you out here

Hubname API url : https://s18.myenergi.net

Hubname : You can put in what ever you like on the hub config line.

Serial nr you put in the hub serial

And the password is the account pw for the hub.

// Ted

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I don’t have a password for the hub, I have tried the myenergi password but no joy.

No rush on this I am just getting the homey up and working.

Hello Busta,

you have to create an api key at: myenergi account and then you will get a generated password which you have to enter in homey. After that you will see your Zappi in homey.

Good luck

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Excellent it worked!!

Once it was understood password means api key it worked well.

Many thanks!


Thanks a lot. This did the trick :grinning:

Thank you very much and it works well. API key is the password to be filled in during the configuration of the myenergi app. :slight_smile: