What brands are you using for your devices?

I have the following brands but want to know what the best is on the marked that is most reliable…

Lights - Philiphs Hue
Sensors - Fibaro and Ikea Trådfri
Temp - Aqara
Doorsensor - Aqara
Watersensor - Aqara
Plug-in switches: Kasa HS100

I dont have the Aqara hub - just philips hue…is it recommended to have hubs or shall one aim for having all connected to the homey bridge directly?

What are you guys using and recommend? Im new to this so would like to choose the “best” brand moving forward…

If you want “the best” I would suggest choosing a Homey Pro instead of a Bridge first… :slight_smile:

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And don’t forget the quality of your wireless connections; tune them (wifi/zigbee), build a proper mesh (z-wave / zigbee).
There’s no ‘quality’ device which can work flawless without it.

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yea want the pro but wondering if there will be a new version soon…Pro has been out for 3 years now right? (early 2019?)

Have already felt the lack of support for some of my devices towards the bridge so I have mixed feelings about getting one now…

Kasa HS100 has ‘rate limit’ issues, on both Homey models. Athom should fix it.
The other brands should work fine on a Pro.