Webhook with homey bridge

i’m trying to create a flow started by a webhook. but it doesn’t seem to work.

i’ve made this flow:

with this webhook request:

I use Macrodroid to do a HTTP GET action when the phone is unlocked (to test the flow)

but the flow doesn’t start and macrodroid system log gives the folowing: HTTP GET response code 204

Does anyone an idea what i’m doing wrong?

Maybe i need to do more testting before i ask questions… fixed it by adding an “And” logtic wher tag contains “ja”

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Of misschien deed je in de eerste flow “Opladen” (met een hoofdletter dus) en in de tweede flow “opladen” , zonder hoofdletter dus en had die “ja” er helemaal niks mee te maken.
Ow, maar dan in het Engels allemaal.



Excuse my French!

Ja nog een beetje vaag in welke taal we nu moeten gaan vragen aangezien homey nu global gaat :sweat_smile:

Sorry. But u did try to delete the AND part with the “ja” in it?
And wrote “opladen” without capitals?