Since Weather underground is only available when you have a weatherstation yourself and darkweather is stopping, I was searching for alternatives.

I have already built an app for the Dutch KNMI, but the number of weather stations they have is rather limited, so for current local status I’d like to have something closer by.
On first look Weathercloud would be perfect as it hosts a weatherstation at 500 meters from my location.

I do see that there is a json request used on their website, that requires a CSRF token to operate.
I guess fetching such a token and then retrieving that data is not what would be intended use of that url, or do you guys think that is a route to be taken?
I don’t think doing so would be hard at all (fetch url as if browsing a map, receive cookies, use them for the get request of the json data, no login required).

But would doing so be acceptable behavior?

An end user would only need to enter the weather station ID to be able to add the device, that should be simple enough. But as soon as Weathercloud changes something, my app would break.

Let’s see what the Weathercloud terms of service say about this:

This license does not include:

  • Use of any scraping, data mining, robots or similar data gathering or extraction methods.

So strictly speaking, no, it would not be acceptable behaviour.

You can always contact them and explain what you’re trying to do, perhaps they will give you access to their API.