Water valv

Hi. Two years ago I was given such a device for testing.

It is an advanced water valve that recognizes even a small leak in the system. Works very well. Now on github one of the users has done integration into Home assistant GitHub - markvader/sonic_hacs: Beta version of the Sonic integration by @markvader
Is it possible to integrate such a valve with Homey bridge having API from the valve manufacturer or use the integration that is on github? Even just a close-open option would be helpful in the event of a water leak.

This is the right topic for such requests:

Pls read the first post to make sure you post your request in the right way.

I believe the Home Assistant app for Homey also supports Homey Cloud, that’s probably the only way to get this working on Homey right now.

It’s interesting to see that people are willing to trust a cloud service for devices like this. When the service is unavailable or can’t be reached, you’re risking flooding your home. I’d rather have a fully local solution, but hey, that’s just me.

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