Warning to Swiss customers: Don't buy from Athom Homey online shop and pay attention to UPS charging Customs Fees!

I just ordered a Homey Pro and even if the product didn’t arrive yet, I already received a bill from the Customs asking for more than 60 CHF (i.e. >14% of the total price :warning: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:).
Just wanted to leave a message here to warn Swiss end-users to avoid my same mistake… they will definitely find cheaper Homey Pro on Swiss online shops and should avoid buying from the official website…

Hope it helps someone else :slight_smile:

I see it in the Store mentioned while in Checkout:


Sure, I’m not saying it’s not mentioned, I’m just saying I didn’t see that (it’s not highlighted with a warning) and I didn’t expect such high charges, so I’m sharing the bad purchase experience with others, in the hope to help some other buyer from Switzerland. Probably on big volumes it still make sense, but for end users buying just 1 Homey Pro, it feels like a scam (though as you said it’s totally my problem that didn’t see that sidebar info note).

That said, I’m convinced the product is great, even if I didn’t receive it yet… I spent weeks reviewing the features, etc.

I would just recommend buying it elsewhere, because it’s at least 30 CHF cheaper on any other online shop here in Switzerland.

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So it’s €399 including VAT for EU customers, €399 excluding VAT for non-EU customers? Yeah, I wouldn’t buy direct either if I were not in the EU.


This same thing happened for UK customers too

The poor purchase experience continues… 2 weeks after ordering the product, it’s still not delivered and UPS has no clue why they’re not loading it in their van… It’s stuck 60km away since 5 days…
This is really frustrating…

did you know that athom has not decided that there are inport duties in the swiss, just like that they do not work in the ups depot, did you reach out to ups? also you can log a complaint at the homey service desk, so they can order ups to investigate

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Yup I’ve been calling UPS every day since Monday, asking why they scan it every day and every day they forget to put it on their van :sweat_smile:
From UPS customer service, they have no idea why…
So for the moment I opened a complaint to UPS… I will open another one to Athom.
If there’s a way to send it back for free, I would do that… 2 weeks for a delivery from a nearby country is just nonsense… buying it from a local online shop you get it the following day for 30 CHF less, thus my recommendation from the first post is even more valid.

Ok, after 2 weeks of not receiving anything, UPS decided to send the parcel back to Athom (so they don’t know where to find it when it comes to deliverying it, but they know where to find it to send it back…).
Looking forward to get a full refund to be able to purchase it locally and avoid UPS as much as I could…

The frustration continues:
UPS doesn’t want to refund for the fees they charged for nothing and Athom doesn’t want to refund either.

Lessons learned. If you’re in Switzerland :switzerland::

  • Don’t buy from Homey online shop
  • Never pay for Customs Fees upfront. Pay after you physically receive the goods
  • Don’t trust UPS for any delivery

Lesson learned:
investigate before you buy, especially if it is a company outside your country and or economic zone.
realize that there are customs fees when you import goods
if you do not trust a carrier collect the goods yourself…

in short read the small letters, know what you do before you hit the buy button, but all of this has nothing to do with the product homey, they shipped it as requested, and they are not responsible for the customs in the swiss, nor are they responsible for the way UPS handles the shipment, the only thing they can do is complain to UPS. but for that you have to reach out to Athom.


The issue in the UK seems to be that Athom direct charge the VAT inclusive price and then on import to the UK VAT is added again on top. I have tried to resolve this with Athom but it gets nowhere.

Athom should charge a VAT exclusive price I believe for CH UK and other countrie’s customers that are not in the EU. On both Homey’s I have I paid double VAT.

I sympathise with Cardax’s situation which has turned really bad. On your 3 points it is not possible, in the UK, to pay import costs at or after delivery nowadays with UPS. It used to be but that option seems to have been removed. On FedEx and DHL you can still do that but negotiating non or reduced payment after receipt is still likely to get nowhere and result in debt collection agency notices


Totally agree, never said the contrary.
I bought while excited after seeing multiple positive reviews and didn’t research enough.

I just want to warn others in my situation.
My recommendation not to buy from Homey Online shop for Swiss customers is still valid because they would end up paying more and waiting more time.

Most of the problems were caused by the incompetence of multiple UPS employees, nothing to do with Athom or their product.
UPS initially lost my package within their own warehouse, then they invented that my house didn’t exist (I moved in recently but the place exists since 10+ years and I had already received parcels from other online shops), then after 3 weeks I managed to find the right service agent who was able to tell the driver to call me if they cannot use Google Maps… The guy called me and I had to run to a nearby crossroad to get the Homey… and this is how I finally received the partially destroyed box of my Homey Pro :tada::tada::tada:
Luckily the Homey inside seems to work as expected, despite the outside box had seen better times.

Yesterday evening I managed to connect already several services and devices and I’m looking forward to develop my own automation scripts and apps or support other apps :blush:

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