WANTED: Insteon, Feit, and X-10 - Device Integration with Homey Pro (Early 2023)

Hi Everyone!

I’m hoping to find a means of connecting my MANY legacy Insteon, X-10, and FEIT devices with my Homey Pro (Early 2023). ANY advice and guidance would be GREATLY apprecited!!!


. . . Bitsoup

The app for X10 is not updated for homey 2023 yet.
It working fine on my homey pro 2019
Not sure if @nattelip is planning to update the app to 2023.
I am currently using my homey pro 2019 as a satellite to be able to run flows on my homey pro 2023


Thanks so much for the response FKey! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed as I have so many legacy devices that could be put to good use! So just to clarify, your 2019 IS talking X10 language and controlling actual X10 devices successfully, with Master control being provided via your 2023?

Thanks again!!!

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My homey pro 2019 has been talking X10 for years now.
Dont want to change what is working fine…

I am now converting to a homey pro 2023.
The controller/satalite apps can trigger almost anything ont he other homey.

Today I only have the 2019 triggering flows on the 2023: 2019 recieves X10 command, it triggers the satelite flow on the 2023

Many thanks for your perspective FKey! I only have a 2023 (arriving today . . . yes!) so my fantasy goal would be to execute full x10 control directly from just the 2023 by itself. If you develop such a solution I would GREATLY appreciate any guidance you are willing to share!!!

All my best FKey!

. . . Bitsoup

Sorry, I am not an app developer.
Last year the developer of the X10 app mentioned he was planning to upgrade the app for the new homey. But only when he was buying the 2023 version himself.

No updates there yet

You can try to contact the developer here