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Want to write my first app for a wifi enabled device, looking for a boilerplate

Can someone help me starting to write my first app?
I have two Blauberg Vento Wifi enabled single room ventilation systems and want to manage them in Homey.
They work with UDP packages and indirectly with http requests.

Where to start? Is there some boilerplate? Or a peek in well documented code with similar functionality for another device?

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Shelly devices use mDNS discovery and HTTP requests, perhaps its app can serve as a starting point? https://github.com/jghaanstra/cloud.shelly


Will check this one out.

Hi, I’m interested in the same ting, so here is my 5 cents. The fans use UDP and this is the one I have https://blaubergventilatoren.de/en/product/vento-expert-a50-1-w#downloads (though branded as “Swedish” Flexit). There is a Connection to Smart Home document with some syntax. Let me know if you make any progress?

I´m also interested in the same. Please update on any progress. Thanks!

Sorry, was too busy lately to set this up. Even too busy to reply :wink:
Still too busy to look into this as I got some other priority projects.

@Amund_Westbye I have a whitepaper with all the UDP values in it, so that’s arranged.

Hi, Maybe this post will make it easier for you? https://community.openhab.org/t/looking-for-binding-blauberg-air-handling-unit-with-heat-recovery/34027
I’m also considering to buy this Blaud Unit but not an expert on UDP protocol. Will keep an eye ion this post to see if you found time.

So, still no app for Blauberg?