Wallbox Pulsar plus charger lock/unlock pause/resume

cool, no thanks I’m doing this to help and nothing else.
tell me when you update that I check if I haven’t made any mistakes

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Hi, is it possible to add more Then flow cards - like changing AMPs?
Is there a way to support developer with “coffee”? :slight_smile:

@Sen-Sai would it be possible to add a tag for the current authenticated user of the charger? I am using this to divide charging costs between different users, so i would like to know the current user of the charger. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m currently working on that, because it is a much requested feature. Hopefully I can release it this week.

So far no coffee support possibilities, but I’ve gotten this question multiple times so maybe I’ll add a button soon. But the thought is already highly appreciated.

New Homey arrived, this app was the first that I did install :wink:

First device went well, but when I chose to install a second device to make a second instance with different credentials it tells me “no new device found”.

So, our usecase is to use a Wallbox instance dependent on the car to be charged (business/private).

Hope you can help me out.