Voice Homey over external speakers

Hi all,

I have a Harman Kardon speaker with build in Chromecast. I would like to have the voice of the Homey over this speaker. Is that possible? When I create a ‘Then’ with ‘Activate Harman Kardon speaker’ and then make a text or a MP3 file it still plays it off on heh Homey instead of the external speaker. Playing music does work on the Harman Kardon.


I have a similar request. Now that homey v2 no longer has a microphone onboard and integration with Google and Alexa is improving it would be a very good change to have the speaker be configured so that the default sound can go over a connected speaker, like Sonos, Denon, a bluetooth speaker or other.
With an additional change to have the flow cards pick a speaker to use would make it even more interesting to make custom flows with speakers used in separate rooms.

When that is possible, I would also be able to position my Homey in a better spot in my house to improve connection with some devices further away and improve overall experience and reliability/coverage for my whole house.

Could be done using : Alexa App and a flow.

Flow card [WHEN] Homey Says Something [THEN] alexa say [TAG: Text]

This function is also high on my wishlist. I would like to set Sonos as my default speakers for the voice of Homey.

I noted the options in the old forum, which include a jack plug (only supported on Play:5, I have 2x One and a Beam). The idea of the HTTP API would work, but this means I would have to buy a NAS or similar to support this. Furthermore, the idea of using a jack plug which is not connected to a speaker to prevent hearing Homey twice a bit strange, because of the variety of apps and the existing wireless connecting between Homey and Sonos.

The option in this forum includes Alexa which unfortunately doesn’t support Dutch at the moment. And I am currently already using Google Assistant, so I would like to continue to do so. Given the possiblities of Homey, it just makes sense that you can choose another speaker as your default speaker.

I was hoping (and as stated in the old forum, I am not the only one) that there was someone willing to develop this function. Maybe poking this thread could convince someone to look into this?

Hey @Neuron44,

  • You have the Sonos One - which is an alexa device and will work for you
  • There is a google text to sppech app
  • As you mentioned you could use a jack
  • You can use the sonos (Play URL’ Flow card).
  • Set up a google relay, then use http requests …

Im not entirely why none these options work for you or how else you could “create an app” to allow honey to connect to a speaker, google, alexa, sonos, URL, mp3, cable? Perhaps you need to be more specific in how you expect it would work?

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Hello @Jamie,

Perhaps I should have clarified further. I am living in the Netherlands and I’m using a Early 2019 Homey (so no built-in microphone), running version 2.1.2. I have two One’s and a Beam, which are located far away from Homey. The location of the One’s and the Beam are practical for everyday use of voice commands.

I would like full integration for Homey’s voice, which means I would like to:

  • Always send Homey’s voice to Sonos and;
  • Use Sonos (when Google Assistant will be supported for Dutch, expected in July) to send voice commands to Homey.
  • Let Homey ask for confirmation and listen to the reply using Google. Not sure if this is realistic / possible.
  • I would prefer to send voice commands with having to use the additional “Ask Homey”
  • When possible, mute Homey to prevent double voice messages. This is not that important to me. Also, I realise that this can be achieved by using a jack plug which is not connected to a speaker.

Regarding the options you mentioned:

  • Sonos One is an Alexa device, but Alexa does not (yet) support Dutch, my native language
  • I realised this option existed after I posted yesterday, and had no time to get back to this. Sonos does not yet support Google Assistant in the Netherlands, so I cannot yet send speech to Sonos in the TTS-app (sonos speakers are not available in the flow card) (there is a work-around to get Google Assistant on Sonos in English, but hey, that’s the reason I’m not using Alexa). I bought my first Google Home Mini yesterday because I desperately wanted to get this working and was planning on using a Home in the bedroom anyway. The TTS app works, however there is a lot of latency and the voice is very slow. This is not ideal, but I think I could live with this. Would this support the ‘ask for confirmation’ part?
  • As stated, the jack plug would work, but my Sonos devices don’t have a line-in (One and Beam). Also, the Homey is located far away from the Sonos system. I believe that this would work when I buy a Sonos Connect, but I feel those are a bit to expensive for this.
  • I am not yet familiar with the last two options you mentioned. I never used a HTTP request. This is something I want to look into, because this might be a good solution. I love smart things like Homey, Sonos, Home etc, but I am not that tech-savvy, so I will have to look into this.

Hopefully this clarified my ideas. Thank you for taking the time to help me out and for these last two ideas, I will look into this and try this today. They could be a solution.

If any other ideas pop up based on this info, I’m open for suggestions. In the meantime, I will look into the last two options.

Thanks for the clarification :

When possible, mute Homey to prevent double voice messages

This is possible with flows or just mute it using the app.

I would prefer to send voice commands with having to use the additional “Ask Homey”

This is no longer necessary, there is full google integration in homey now. You can read about it here : https://blog.athom.com/homey-now-works-with-google-assistant/

I never used a HTTP request. This is something I want to look into

You can read about it here : https://github.com/athombv/homey/issues/2666

Would this support the ‘ask for confirmation’ part?

As far as I am aware this is only available using the alexa app, and even then its note a great experience. (alexa asks for confirmation, you say ‘yes’ and while that “works” alexa will respond with a “I dont know what your talking about”… I’ve found it more useful so that Homey can listen for when you ask Alexa for the tv to be turned on, or play music etc, the homey sets the lighting.

I am not yet familiar with the last two options you mentioned. I never used a HTTP request.

It requires that you have the relay running locally https://github.com/greghesp/assistant-relay - and the url request app from the app store to ask it.

The TTS app works, however there is a lot of latency and the voice is very slow.

If youa re only using the same messges over and over, perhaps you can instead use the soundboard app locally to supply the files for sonos to play? https://apps.athom.com/app/com.athom.soundboard

From what I understand you would like to have two sonos devices and (now) google device, and want TTS . There are five methods to achieve this with Homey. While I understand you are restricted due to features not released with in the Netherlands and being unhappy with latency (when making pretty intense requests) - I personally can not think of a way around these restrictions that could be solved with a sixth Homey app.

Best of luck, if you do find something which meets your criteria please be sure to let everyone else know :slight_smile:

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I did this now. I forgot about this option

This is true for devices that Google recognizes, for example: I have a INNR wall plug. This is recognized and can be controlled using Google Assistant. However, Google does not recognize the One’s and the Beam, so these cannot be controlled directly. I solved this using a virtual device called ‘Sonos’. When turned on, a flow is started which starts Sonos. When turned off, well… you get the idea. This works now. Thanks!

Will do, thanks!

OK. Too bad this is not working properly right now. I can live with not having this function. Would be awesome if Athom were to include this on their to-do list though, but I can imagine this is not an easy task.

Unfortunately, I am using tags to make the messages smarter. For example: ‘the weather is cloudy’, so this would require a lot of sounds on the soundboard and a lot of flows.

You’re correct :wink: I understand my demands may be a little high.
To help others, the main conclusions so far:

  1. Use a virtual button called “Sonos” to allow Google Home to switch Sonos on and off. This works perfectly and with relatively little latency.
  2. Using TTS combined with muting Homey allows me to send Homey’s voice to Google Home Mini (and probably to Sonos when released in the Netherlands), without hearing Homey twice. The slow voice is acceptable, the latency a bit less (i’m quite picky, aren’t I?)
  3. A jackplug might be a good solution for Play:5 or Connect-users (not tested) when located practically.
  4. I’m going to look into HTTP-requests and the relay. I will get back to this.

This makes sense, this would basically mean someone would make a second TTS-app. Thank you for the help!

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I have all Sonos speakers in Google Home.

Really? Is Google Assistant supported on Sonos in your country? Because i’m guessing this is what causing my Google Home to ignore Sonos somehow

OK, so what am I doing wrong?

I have the Sonos-app in Homey. I pressed add device and logged in on my Sonos account. Homey added the Sonos-speakers automatically after this.

I also have ‘sync with Google’ on in Homey. In Google Home, I linked with Homey and Google Home added everything except Sonos.

When I tried to add a device in Home (already set-up a device) and find the Sonos-app, it replies that speach-services are not yet available.

Version of the sonos ur using? Because u need 10.2 for it to use the Dutch assistant.

I have version 10.2 on all devices and the controller (auto update during night is on).

Then u should be able to add the Assistant to ur One’s. Has nothing to do with Homey. So maybe first focus on that?

Guessing you mean that I need to add Assistant to the One’s using the Sonos app? In the app it says that Google Assistant speach services is not yet available for my country. Any other settings I can check?