Best way to use Alexa - especially Musiccast

As both Musiccast skills for Alexa seem to suck and offer next to no options control, I try to use Homey skill for Alexa a a bridging tool. Homeys Yamaha and Spotify apps seem to be both very potent in comparison. My main concern now is what is the best way to use the Homey skill. Most guides seem to be outdated or wrong.
Should I use flows, virtual device (native app) or virtual device (community app) to start my flow using combined Yamaha and Spotify commands on my Homey?
Having to create so many favorite flows / virtual devices really sucks as it floods my gui. Imagine 2-3 playlists for 2 different persons in 5 rooms. Up to 30 flows :frowning:

Pretty much struggling with the same thing for the last few days.

Prior we had 1 amazon music and 1 spotify subscription which worked somewhat nicely out of the alexa box, without the need to even connect either to homey.

Now we have 2 spotify accounts, you can only link 1 in alexa. 2 is possible through household accounts but requires constantly switching Alexa accounts. And all home automation controls become unavailable if you switch accounts as homey can only connect to 1. Atleast my attempts were unsuccesfull connecting both amazon accounts with skills to 1 homey.

Scoured the internet to see if there’s something like a virtual speaker application/software. That basically allows casting on 1 side and can connect to Alexa on the other side.

Amazon speakers only have a amazon proprietary mDNS service unlike google with googleCast. Any not linked spotify account can not cast/stream to echo speakers. This only works with the spotify connect service.

All at all if anyone has a solution to multiple music accounts i’d be interrested too.

Didn’t even think about problems adding the second Spotify account (of a family subscription). But we could disarm this a little bit by having some shared / copied playlists.

So far every solution has flaws and issues enough - already now.
Yamaha even said I could link my echos via BT but this didn’t work so far. The Spotify app of homey also causes trouble…

Spotify action gives me an exclamation mark when used on my AV Receiver from Yamaha. When using the little WX 030 speakers from Yamaha the playlist starts to play but only for 2-3 seconds. Like Homey thinks the flow is over and stops playing