Visonic PowerMax App

I continue this old forum thread here

I have some question regarding the Visonic PowerMax app. I am trying to connect my Powermaster 10 and I have now come so far as getting the app to the state “waiting for enrollment to complete”, but it seems to get stuck there, or how long time does the enrollment take?

What do I need to do for it to continue?

Hopefully someone can assist me in this.


After the update today (homey
2.0.3) the sensors doesn’t work anymore.
Are there more users with this problem?

Is there a solutions for this problem.
I have got a lot of flows with the sensors.

Yes same problem here.

Yes, same here. I had to remove my panel and re-add it again and after that I see most of my sensors, but a couple of them are not recognized and showing as unknown in the logs when I re-added the panel.

With app version v2.0.4 update today all the sensors are now working properly. Thanks for the update.

Is there a way to make use of the PowerLink3 to connect to this app? Have a PowerMaster 10G2 with that installed.

What hardware solution did you use to connect the power master 10? A TTL to Ethernet module? What was the pinout in that case?

The PRG/BBA that is the only available pins in my powermaster and that I used with my previous Vera, only has ten pins… Any help, and pictures, appreciated!

Hi, after a lot of tinkering and reading threads online, I finally figured out how to connect my Powermaster10 and Homey. In order to help others, I’ve put together a step by step guide, with the steps that worked for me. I hope it may be of some use to you.

Hi Robin,
Several month ago I tried to connect my powermax pro to homey. I spend weeks on trying to get it right. I thought that I had the wrong panel and finally gave up. Than I saw your guide and it motivated me to go over all aspects again and I spotted my mistake in the wiring. After correcting it the panel was recognized by homey and I am up and running.Thank you very much for taking the time to write this. You made my day! Thanks again!

I was majorly confused about this for a long time. The info was all there, but it was spread out over a couple of threads. Really glad to hear that my guide was of use to you.