Supported Alarm Systems with full integration

I currently have a Visonic Powermax Pro which has stopped working cause I might have shorted out the PC/IP interface… no idea how to check this and repair it… @nlrb might know

Meanwhile, what alarm systems do people use?
Which ones do you know of have sensor data available in homey etc
Which ones allow Arm Disarm?

What makes you think you have short circuited the interface? It should be able to handle that. Make sure you take the power off completely (mains & battery) and try again.

I was moving the alarm location… I had a usr-wifi232-t in place…

I somehow tripped that and it is dead… so I bought a replacement but that also didnt work…

So I hooked up my original usr-232-t ethernet which i used for a few years and it still had the settings still in place so the only variable was the panel.

Still cannot communicate to the panel. What used to happen was, pull power and battery, plug back in.》. close panel.》restart your amazing app and I would see downloading on the panel screen

But that’s doesnt happen anymore… :pensive:

So I decided to factory reset the panel… but that hasn’t helped…

For clarity… I can ping either usr-wifi232-t or usr-232-t and visit the web page… so both of them are up