VISION ZD2102-5 (Gen5) Door/window sensor

Hi Freek,

Thanks for your response.
However, when I try to open the link, I get an “Unauthorized” message. Any ideas?

Hi JeePee,

Apps that have never been reviewed cannot be tested by external users. And the app that I am working on is never reviewed. Thats because there is already a vision app. I send the creator a message.

I keep you posted when there is a solution.

(If you know how you can install this using CLI, I can make a link to GitHub so you can install it yourself. )

Hi Freek,

I know how to install an app locally, so a link to GitHub would be very helpfull.

here is the link.

Hi FreekV,

I’m also interested in your new Vision-App. But unfortunately your GitHub-link is not working (404 error). Also, when I go to your GitHub userprofile and open the Vision2 rep, there is no content.

Could you please check this again.

Thank you!

Hi Brand-x,

It was private. It is public now. :slight_smile:

Hi Freek,

thank you.
I could install the app on my homey without any problems. I also could add one sensor but afterwards the app crashes over and over again (with automatic restart).
The Error is: Cannot find module ‘homey-meshdriver’

I have to say, that I don’t have an original Vision ZD2102-5 sensor but an Schwaiger ZHS09. But they should be technically the same, just another branding.

Maybe someone else could test this with an original Vision sensor?!?

Hi Brand,

I have the originals and i dont have any problems using the door sensors from vision.

You could install the homey mesh driver

Maybe after the install it works like it should

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Hi Freek,

that’s it!

After installing the app with homey-meshdriver (with added string “id”: “zwave” in .homeyplugins.json) the app runs without any errors and the sensor (as I mentioned, I have a equivalent one: Schwaiger ZHS09) does what it should do :wink:

Thank you very much!
Have you any plans to submit it at Athom to become an official app?


Hi Guido,

Good to hear.

I want too but i am waiting for the actual creator of the app to respond, because there already is a app for vision. Its not updated to the newest version. And there cant be two apps.

Hi Freek,

I was able to install the VisionV2 app without any problems.
Tested the ZD2102 device and it works like a charm.
Unfortunately I am not able to test the other device types in the package because I do not own any of them.
Thanks for your support.
Kind regards , Jan-Paul

Before installing the app on Homey, you need to run npm install from within the application directory (the one that contains app.json and package.json).

Hi Robert,

yes, thank you. I had already figured it out and it works great.


If I install the V2. Will the old one be overwritten, and all existing device are still working.
Or should I uninstall the old App before?
With the consequence that I have to re-pair all devices.

And also this app is now in the Homey Community App-Store

I don’t have any old devices. but it doesn’t overwrite the old app. I can install both :slight_smile:

How do I install an app from the Community App-Store?

I have Rexcessed Door Sensors ZD 2105. As this is likely uses the exact same tech, do you think it will work with your app?

Install the app by clicking on the banner.

Any news about this?
I am migrating from Zipato and have the ZD2102 external sensor to work is one of the last steps I have to do. So far, everything has gone really smooth, but this issue is blocking me a bit. :slight_smile:

I cannot find the app in the community App store. Where can I find it? Has it been released?