Vision security zs5101-5


I wonder if anyone got those device working with homey ?


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Did you took a few minutes to find out yourself?

When i look in the apostore i see that the number you mention isnt supported yet.

So the answer… but you always can contact the devolper of the app and make your request

Asking a question doesn’t mean that I didn’t search. I search for days about it, i saw that in the appstore some dev have created an app that doesn’t include the one i am looking for. I also went to the github of some developers and ending with the same result.

So I was just wondering if someone had find a different way… but obviously asking a question seems to be to much… Nice way to be welcome with my first post … Apologized for the question i guess i should limit myself to google ? Anyway thank you for the warm welcome and answer :sweat_smile:.

I’m also looking for the support of this device, but still not available.

If you find a solution by your side, can you share your experience ?

PS : don’t care about the lesson givers that bring nothing… Never give up !