Vision outdoor siren

Hey guys, I’m a total newbie to homey and have never been involved with anything to do with it. Something I want to change and learn. I have a vision Zm1621 outdoor siren. When linked to Homey it sets up as a generic z wave device. I have set up a perimeter with aeotec door sensors and put them under partial armed in the Heimdall configuration. When the sensor goes off with the flow I created everything is recognised but the siren or strobe does not go off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks from down under.

And just to be sure, you have instaled the needed app for it? And also the device is supported? You can see that on the app page in the app store.

Hey mate I have just checked on the app and unfortunately it is not supported. It’s a different outdoor siren. Obviously no way for the siren to activate without the supported version? Wish I was told by the company when purchasing.

Did you asked the company where you buyed you homey exactly if the Vision Zm1621 outdoor siren then??

and second did you get some information about homey before you buy the homey?

Maybe it’s enough to add the Product ID and Product Type ID for the particular device to the app, think its best to ask this in the Vision security app topic, if you post there the topic starter (which is the developer of the app) will be informed.

It was recommended to go with the hub and what I wanted to do.

Honestly I was looking at the Vera plus controller and decided to go with the Homey. I’m loving it.

Thanks I’ll do that. Sorry new to the forum and wasn’t sure where to post. Thanks for the information.