Vimar view wireless

Hi at all. I’m new here and I’m thinking about to buy this hub since it seems to be the perfect hub since it integrates almost everything. But before to buy it I need to know if there is the app for the zigbbe series by vimar. It’s not the friends of hue but the connected series. Actually I’m using it on smartthings hub and it works grate with a generic integration as a zigbee switch. It’s very important since I use these switches for all my lights.

check the app store

Buongiorno, non c’è un applicazione specifica per Vimar, se la serie che usi è quella Zigbee probabilmente i frutti verranno visti come interruttori generici ma non avendo nessun frutto Vimar Zigbee non posso confermartelo.

Hello, there is no specific application for Vimar, if the series you use is the Zigbee one, the devices will probably be seen as generic switches, I don’t have any Vimar Zigbee devices so I can’t confirm it.

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Just tried and Zigbee with Vimar 14594 does not work. It is recognized as generic, but if I use the switch the app only shows an error message. I also ordered a Vimar 14592, but not yet tested.