Very unstable connection ot homey via local network

Hi all,
Recently, I noticed that a lot of my devices that work via the web (hue eg) work bad. When opening homey app, i get a lot of “can’t connect” even though I’m local, and my wifi is, well, great (never say perfect ;).

I tried to go into recovery and make it swithc to a different wifi, but I can’t get that to work… setup.athom puts me to the app.

Anyway, what troubleshooting steps can I take? I see quite a few posts actually popping up when searching… I ahve the powersuply froma thom, it gives 2.0 amp… I’m reading some say you need 2.4… is this true?


A powersupply with 2A+ could/should make a difference.
And, how’s your wifi vs zigbee? They operate within the same frequency range and can interrupt eachother
You seem to have a hue bridge also, this runs it’s own zigbee. So check & adjust, if needed, eeach system’s channel.

Zigbee network en channel info:

Interference check:


Wifi hints:

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