Very unstable connection ot homey via local network

Hi all,
Recently, I noticed that a lot of my devices that work via the web (hue eg) work bad. When opening homey app, i get a lot of “can’t connect” even though I’m local, and my wifi is, well, great (never say perfect ;).

I tried to go into recovery and make it swithc to a different wifi, but I can’t get that to work… setup.athom puts me to the app.

Anyway, what troubleshooting steps can I take? I see quite a few posts actually popping up when searching… I ahve the powersuply froma thom, it gives 2.0 amp… I’m reading some say you need 2.4… is this true?


A powersupply with 2A+ could/should make a difference.
And, how’s your wifi vs zigbee? They operate within the same frequency range and can interrupt eachother
You seem to have a hue bridge also, this runs it’s own zigbee. So check & adjust, if needed, eeach system’s channel.

Zigbee network en channel info:

Interference check:


Wifi hints:

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Hello community members,
I changed my wifi router to an Asus AX-11000 with wifi 6. Previously I worked at home with Google mesh, but I had some problems with such a net combined of 2.4 and 5 GHz, therefore changed.
Now the network is splitted to 2.4 GHz on its own SSID, generally for IoT, and 5GHz for another PC, mobile, etc personally used, except one mobile for 2.4 as an Homey app location.
My Homey Pro 2019 works on Zigbee channel 21, Hue hub on 25 and Tuya hub on 25. Wifi is coming from the router on channel 2. Any other wifi net in the vicinity will eventually interfere…
Theoretically I should not have any interference between zigbee and wifi, checked on that site presented here on forum.
But… the Homey is often going out of network, not recognizable in app or in browser on wired PC. In this case the router table shows any Homey device on the list. The Homey shows normal light on its ring. After the router restarts it often helps to connect, but not always, so I must restart Homey too. Connection not guaranteed…
Could it be a problem with Homey hardware? Weak wifi response from device? Something in firmware? Or it could be another cause?
What can I do more to get a stable connection and proper stable work on my Homey device?