Verschillen homey en homey pro

With Homey Pro you can make a flow like “if motion is detected and it is dark”. Why is it only the other way around possible with Homey? (That is “if it is dark and motion is detected”)

Can you show us this flow? I don’t understand this example.

I tink above example isn’t correct if you have the same type of devices in both Homey and Homey Pro

And I guess you mean differences with “Verschillen”

There is no ‘When it’s dark’ triggercard on both Homey’s (Such card would trigger continuously as long as the sun isn’t up).

There is an ‘And it is not day’ condition card present on both Homey’s (from the Date & Time section).

So, on both Homey’s you can make a flow like “When motion is detected, And it is dark”

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Sunset and Sunrise (under Date and Time) is also available on both Homey and Homey Pro.

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What i did. I created one flow that set a variable. Then i can use that variable wherever i need.

Usage example. When i turn on the TV, and the sun is under, i want to do stuff like turning some lights of and on:

You can also use this date & time condition: “it is not daytime” which then changes into: “it is nighttime”