Valetudo App


This apps allows homey to communicate with Valetudo-enabled vacuum cleaners.

Valetudo in the Homey App Store

Source Code and Issue tracker


  • Vacuum status (cleaning, charging, docked, stopped)
  • Battery
  • Trigger Cards (on/off, status change, error)

Planned Features

  • Basic authentication support
  • Spot cleaning (maybe)


If possible, please report issues and make requests at the issues section on Github otherwise as a reply in this topic. (

I do not give support for setting up and configuring Valetudo or rooting your vacuum cleaner.

I have valetudo installed on a roborock vacuum cleaner, so I’ve tried to use your app but it doesn’t seem to work. While adding the vaccum, it checks for /api/status but that URL is not available on Valetudo, at least not in version 2021.05.0. Is there something I’m missing about the installation process?