Using Homey in a motorhome

Hi, all,
I consider to buy the Homey for using in my home. We also travel a lot in our motorhome (about 5 or 6 months per year). So I was wondering if it is possible to operate a Homey on the 12 volt motorhome batterie. The main function in the motorhome would be an alarm system, probably also remote control of lights etc.
If somebody has information about that or even experiences with it, please let me know.

Doesnt matter that a home has wheels or not😀 as long you homey got power and a internet connection (wifi).

Even homey would work without internet, exept that you cant sent out notifications and or can make use of devices that work with a api.

And also you need internet to set up your flows.

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You must use a 12V to 5V voltage regulator. Plenty available on the market for cars.

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I do have a 5V 2.1 Amp USB connection for my mobile devices in the motorhome.
Are there any numbers about average power consumption known?


I think I can manage to set up a hotspot with my MIFI device and my laptop.
That will do the job, I hope.

That’s more than enough! It will work without a problem.

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Homey uses 2 Watt with LED ring off up to ~5 Watt, with the default LED ring at 100%
Maybe somewhat more when sending and on heavy load.

You could use a USB powerbank as el cheapo UPS, if that powerbank does not cut the power when switching between loading and not.
Be warned these are often not made for continue loading and defective batteries can catch fire.

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Thank you all, for the information.
So there seems to be no reason to NOT put Homey in a motorhome :grinning:
Now I have to find out how long I can run Homey on the Moterhome batterie when there is no AC supply available (off-grid, storage).
And off course to make a choice which sensors, and/or devices I need/want to use for the alarmsystem. And finally design some fancy flows to get it all work together.
To be continued…?

My advise on the sensors: Xiaomi Human Body sensor and Xiaomi Door/Window sensor. They work flawless with @TedTolboom Xiaomi app and last long on their batteries and they’re cheap!
(Prices vary a lot, You should be able to get a Human Body sensor around € 8,00 and a Door/Window sensor around € 6,00)
The app for turning it all into an alarm system: Heimdall :wink:


Thanks Danee,
With this info a lot of re-use is possible, that is very handy!
Why re-invent the wheel?:ok_hand: