Using “AND” or “enable/disable flow” a trade-off

Description of the flow (what are you trying to achieve)
The flows below are example of how to use enable/disable flow OR the “AND” card

What is needed to create this flow?
Standard functionality
although the example does show the use of the
timer app:
Betterlogic app for variables “radio timer” “radio timer schoonmaak”:
Virtual device app to create a virtual device “playing”:

When creating a flow that should not always run you have two options:
1 use the “AND” card
2 enable or disable the flow
For motion controller triggered flow I tend to use enable/disable. It prevents triggering a flow every time motion is detected (although I never experienced processor overload issues with homey)
Although it requires more flows

Using the “AND” card the flow would look like this:

(The “Then” card contains a timer that triggers the a device called “playing”. It is triggered for a time period specified by a variable created in the better logic app. The variable is used via the “tag” option)

Using enable disable the flows look like this:

Notice the “AND” column is empty now

This does require 2 extra flows.
BUT an advantage is also that you can add a different “AND” card.
I needed that because I wanted a longer time period when the cleaning lady (virtual device “schoonmaak”) is in.
A combination of “radio on” and “schoonmaak on” in the “AND” card would not work (if one of the two is false it would trigger the “ELSE” card.