UPNP Server, DNLA Server for Raumfeld, Teufel

Do somebody knows if there is a way to implement a dlna server (upnp) so that I can manage my speackers over homey ? The speakers are not really known (Raumfeld-Teufel) but high quality. They are working like the sonos.
Thanks for help, ideas and everything that can bring my speakers in homey :smile:


I can only agree - Music quality is so much better… But you didn’t find any way to let them work with homey or?

I started working on a DLNA/UPnP app that will eventually support this. Will keep you posted on my progress if you want.

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Hey thanks. Would be nice.:grinning:

Hey jreenen, any news on this? I’m considering getting a Homey, but would want to include my 2 sets of Raumfeld speakers.

Is there any news for a Teufel/Raumfeld app for Homey my entire family has their speakers and I want to integrate so they can use it through Homey!

There’s an integration for Home Assistant, this can be of great help to develop a Homey app for this gear.