Update 3.2.1

Since the last update i can’t Add my “AD146 everspring”

And thanks to Homey, i have to Sync again with all others, manualy, and those are in my wall !
What Can i do ? I don’t have light in my house since the update…

I tried PTP with no result on AD146.
And the only app i have for everspring is homey.
But thanks Roy

After the last FW updates my two Everspring devices (battery operated) did not work either. After restarting the Everspring app everything was fine again.
Please contact @ralfvd , he is the developer of the Everspring App.

Yes unfortunately it does not working at all

Ptp and wait at least 15 minutes! Than power up again.

Yes. The 15 minutes unplugged being the important part. Also wait 30 minutes for the network to rebuild.

I have the same issue, after reboot with 3.2.1, I need to manually restart everspring app to fix that. Not sure what’s the root cause
I opened a ticket on git