Everspring ready for v2


I want to buy some Everspring plugs because i have problems with my Devolo plugs.
Is the app ready for Homey V2

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As far as I can tell, not in it’s current state, but the developer is busy with it if I look at the github page:

(it shows a sdk2 branch)

But at Athom’s current pace, the developer has loads of time before v2 is released :wink:

The current Everspring app can be used with SDK1 on V2.

Only SDK1 apps with a settings page will have issues on V2z

Can someone confirm that the current Everspring app works on V2 now that it is live?

There seems to be quite a few apps that are not working properly after the upgrade, and I would like to confirm this before updating. All my other installed apps are listed in the thread for v2 compatible apps, except Everspring.

I am the developer of the Everspring app. It is still not updated to SDK2 ,but as far as I can see (but I don’t own all supported Everspring devices), they still work in Homey V2.

I didn’t do any intensive testing, but so far, so good. I am still working on the SDK2 version, but other apps I developed have a bit more priority getting them working on Homey V2.

Let me know if you have any issues after upgrading, I’ll then look into it.

Thank you for responding. Then I will go through with the Homey update, probably early next week. I will let you know if there are any issues.


I am getting this error when trying to install the Everspring App or Everspring devices:

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+1 on this one. Can’t install it on 2.0

You can’t install the app or install a device ? In the last case, you succeeded in installing the app right ? And is this for all devices or are it specific devices?

Both. This is the error I get when I try installing the App:

The same needed to happen for the zwave.me app not too long ago.

I get exactly the same error when trying to install the app. Same if I try to indirectly install it by selecting an Everspring device to add.

The beta should work for Homey FW2.x seeing the date and

Could you try?

Hi, any update on the compatibility of this app with V2? Waiting for this and one more before i will take the step.

:arrow_up: ?

? You mean I should try or am i missing something?

I am running Everspring and it works on V2 . But not all devices have been checked yet, so there is always a small risk, as the app itself is not on SDK2 yet.

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Thanks, just upgraded and the sensor works fine!

I have An Everspring AN 157-2 switch. I can add it, but it is not shown in my device list. When I readd it it says status.already_added

Can I do something about this?

I have several Nexa/Everspring AN-179. I am still unable to add the Everspring AN179 app to Homey v2. Please advice.

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