Two "Homey" options in my account but only one Homey

Hi, I have 2 “Homey” options in the dropdown menu on my account. One that says “Homey” (the purple one with the home icon) and one that says “Homey Pro” (blue one with the Homey device). I do only have one “Homey Pro late 2019” in my place. I cant seem to get rid of the purple “Homey” one. It does not contain anything so I find it kind of strange that it there. The other one “Homey Pro” is working just fine. Any thoughts on that?

Can it be the free cloud Homey? You can’t activate it? Then go to settings and delete it?


I was able to delete it. But I was afraid that I would delete my other Homey or the whole account and then loose everything. But after you wrote your reply I took the chance and it is all good. Thanks!

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Good! :slight_smile: